Down the Tube: The Diary of My Week in TV Hell : 200 Channels : No Escape

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Austell Bay. More Davis-Kidd Book signing…. Fantastic gluten free goodies! How nice of Justine Magazine thanks, Janice! Book group meeting! Finally, something to look forward to!

She passed away last week. You will be missed. Of course he dumped her. Okay, when I saw this photo last month of the allegedly previously uncontacted tribe in the Amazon, I had some questions: Like, who goes around in red body paint just for everyday wear? That seems like a lot of trouble. Usually full body paint is just for special occasions i. What gives?

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No wonder they got out the war paint! Finally, another book of mine will be in stores today as well, the continuation of the Avalon High manga series, Coronation: Homecoming. Click here to read all about it excerpt coming soon! I spent the weekend fielding phone calls and emails from friends who were surprised to find a review of one of my books in their local paper the New York Times.

You can read the review here. Basically I was having a prolonged nervy b thanks for that expression, Louise Rennison over it. Fortunately, I think Allie escaped unscathed.

I do sometimes wish elves would come and write my books for me while I slept, the way they made shoes for that one guy in the Grimms fairy tale, so when I woke up all my work would be done. But alas, this has never happened, even though I turn on my laptop eagerly each morning, hoping against hope to find my book done. I do not believe you anymore, Sarah Jessica! Those shoes cannot possibly be comfortable! I had a Demerol drip which I highly recommend the whole time! I had a whole lot of episodes of Intervention recorded to watch when I got home from the hospital because I thought it would be fun to watch a show about drug addicts while I was actually on drugs.

But when I actually got home, I just passed out. For the whole rest of the day and night , all I did was sleep. What a waste! Rescuers are doing all they can to help four legged victims, too. Check out this slideshow showing some of the pets being rescued and reunited with their human families and then click here to see how you can help, too and find out how you can help their owners here! When Gem and Henrietta see their Evac-Packs come out during hurricane season, they both run in the other direction. Click here for more info, or go here! So please meet me there if you can!

Now I can type 80 words a minute. Whoa, Rax has a Myspace! Check it out!

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Never mind. Dude, putting that cheesy stuff on the potatoes is an art. You cannot hurry it.

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My manager Deb just could not understand that. Deb and I had serious issues with each other.

For instance, I ride a bike everywhere now. I have never written or received an email on my Blackberry. Why do I own one? Where am I going to go if I DO get a license? Into the ocean? Check out what happened there earlier this week:. White water rapids outside the student union! But I could just eat the cheese dip with fries, a recipe I made up while working at Rax. Everyone gazing in wonder at the flood on Kirkwood I saw soooo many movies at the Von Lee theater, which is now, sadly, a noodle shop. Anyway, see those gates, where the bus is, way in the background?

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Hope to see you there. Or at least it feels like it around here. My hair looks like this. Only shorter. And redder. Thank God. Meanwhile, the busy bees over at Trashionista have already read and posted a review of Queen of Babble Gets Hitched here …Cute! This may become my summer anthem.

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Love it! Oh my God I love this book.

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