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These were probably all composed before There is less exaggeration, more real power, and a deeper insight into human nature. There appears in his philosophy a vein of sadness, such as we find in the sayings of Jaques in As You Like It , and more appreciation of the growth of character, typified by his treatment of Orlando and Adam in the same play.

His father died in , after great disappointments. His best friends suffered what he calls, in Hamlet , "the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.

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Even Shakespeare himself may have been suspected. The fierceness of Othello and Macbeth is left behind. In Shakespeare's mother died.

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Her death and the vivid recollection of her kindness and love may have been strong factors in causing him to look on life with kindlier eyes. Pinch, who turned out to be the key figure in the execution of the concept. He has now reinvented himself as the leader of a jazz combo and is hiding out to avoid the Nuremberg War trials. But in the ISC production, Pinch was on stage throughout most of the play with his band.

Then, late in the play, he took a break from his ukulele and revived some of the tools of his former trade in his attempt to cleanse the supposedly possessed characters.

Big-Time Shakespeare

Here is a feature article I wrote about that production for the LA Times. The project had originated as a student production when Rauch was in college. Then it was first produced professionally in LA, followed by a Yale Repertory production. Speaking of gender roles, the cast of the Medea part of this production is entirely female, while the cast of the Macbeth part is entirely male.

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  • Cinderella , however, is cast traditionally, with men and women in their expected roles. The characters from the three texts illustrate not only common themes, but also jarring differences.

    Of course all three plays are drastically shortened in order to fit the fragments of all three into three hours. I suspect that many in the Ashland audience would agree with this. On the other hand, anyone who sees it should definitely brush up your Medea and your Cinderella as well as your Shakespeare before seeing it. Going in, you probably should realize that there will be moments when you feel somewhat lost. The mental gymnastics and theatrical literacy it requires are not exactly the skills that most of the original audience members at Medea , Macbeth or Cinderella would have possessed.

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    Yes, with same-sex marriage at least temporarily legalized in Iowa, the Fords are now two women — including the mate who becomes the most jealous when she suspects her wife of fooling around with Falstaff. His daughter is secretly in love with a guy, just as in the original. I know that these companies lack the resources of Oregon Shakespeare — that would be true of almost any company in America.

    Charles Erickson.

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    Intimacy Directors are professionally trained to oversee scenes involving intimacy, nudity, and sexual content. Meet our amazing panelists who will be joining us this Saturday, Sept 21st for our Intimacy Direction panel!

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    Theater making is intimate and emotional work, so it is vital that theater makers feel safe when creating. When we fail to center the needs of our workers, we perpetuate burn-out culture. Work Play Think Listen Menu.